Gold Rate

GOLD .999
Malaysia Ringgit (RM) WE BUY WE SELL
Gold / 1000g 30.00 40.00
Gold / 500g 55.00 60.00
Gold / 100g 88.00 99.00
Gold / 50g (Pamp Lady Fortuner) 22.00 55.00
Gold / 20g (Pamp Lady Fortuner) 33.00 88.00
Gold / 10g (Pamp Lady Fortuner) 77.00 88.00

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What Affects Diamond Quality?

by Admin Master

A diamond’s beauty comes from both nature and nurture. Nature creates diamond rough of different colors and with different inclusions. Humans cut the rough, choosing which of the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight) to prioritize. Should the cutter cut most of the inclusions away to get a high-clarity stone? Or should the cutter try to keep the diamond as large as possible? The quality of a diamond therefore depends on both the raw material and what cutters and polishers choose to do with the diamond. Of the 4Cs, only cut, color and clarity determine diamond quality. Carat doesn’t, because a tiny diamond can be as beautiful and well-crafted as a much larger diamond. And of the 4Cs, only cut is completely within human control for natural, untreated diamonds, because cut is determined by the quality of craftsmanship.

Round brilliant and diamond octahedron
Round brilliant diamond next to a diamond octahedron. Photo: Robert Weldon/ GIA. Courtesy (crystal): Th


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