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4Cs of diamonds

23/02/2022 by Test212

You’ve probably heard about the 4Cs of a diamond, and you may even know that it stands for diamond cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Below we...

What Affects Diamond Quality?

23/02/2022 by Test212

A diamond’s beauty comes from both nature and nurture. Nature creates diamond rough of different colors and with different inclusions. Humans cut...

What is Diamond Shape Quality?

23/02/2022 by Test212

It’s easy to evaluate the shape quality of round brilliant diamonds. Round brilliant diamonds should be—well, round! Most round brilliant...

Gold Rate

GOLD .999
Malaysia Ringgit (RM) WE BUY WE SELL
Gold / 1000g 30.00 40.00
Gold / 500g 55.00 60.00
Gold / 100g 88.00 99.00
Gold / 50g (Pamp Lady Fortuner) 22.00 55.00
Gold / 20g (Pamp Lady Fortuner) 33.00 88.00
Gold / 10g (Pamp Lady Fortuner) 77.00 88.00

Last updated on 20 September 2022 (Tue) 3:32:12 pm